Diamond Heart Pendant

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  • Lovely 10k Yellow Gold Over Poker Card King Of Red Heart Diamond Pendant Charm
  • 0.50 Ct Round Cut D/vvs1 Diamond Heart Pendant With18 Chain 14k Yellow Gold Over
  • 0.30 Ct Round Cut Diamond Heart Pendant With18' Chain 14k White Gold Finish
  • 1.00 Ct Round Cut Diamond Men's Heart Pendant 14k Yellow Gold Finish
  • Real 10k Rose Gold 1.25ct Diamond Heart Shape Pendant Necklace With Silver Chain
  • 14k White Gold Over 1.20 Ct Round Diamond Heart Shape Pendant Necklace
  • 14k Yellow Gold Over Ladies 2ct Round Cut Diamond Heart Pendant Puffed Charm
  • 10k Yellow Gold. 25ct Si2 H Diamond Heart Pendant Necklace 2.5g 18 Womens
  • 9carat 9ct White Gold Diamond Set Love Heart Pendant Chain Necklace
  • Unisex Yellow Gold Over Round Cut Diamond Playing Card Heart Charm Pendant 1.5ct
  • 14k Yellow Gold Over 2.00 Ct Diamond Iced Five Point Star Pendant Charm
  • 14k Yellow Gold Finish Diamond Dagger Nail Cross Pendant Crown Charm 2.00 Ct
  • 14k Yellow Gold Over Bugs Bunny Holding Gun Diamond Fashion Pendant 2.00 Ct
  • 14k White Gold Plated Diamond Heart Pendant Ladies Round Pave Charm 1.80 Ct